[syslinux] failing with I/O error when loading Linux kernel

Jon Martin jomartin at ualberta.ca
Wed Mar 14 18:42:39 PDT 2018

I found the issue and worked around it.  I had been using rsync to
populate the filesystem.  Switching to good old dump&restore made it
work.  Why, when every other variable was kept the same, the tranmission
method makes a difference I cannot say.  All the permissions, attributes,
and checksums of the kernel file matched on the sender and receiver.
I even retried some of the combinations that had previously failed and
got them working when I used dump+restore.  Something about how rsync
is putting the files on the filesystem is making Syslinux sad.

I have my solution, but if anyone wants to pick my brain about the
things I tried feel free to ask.
Jon Martin 
System Administrator - System Administration 1
Information Services & Technology at University of Alberta
780-492-1662  http://ualberta.ca/IST/

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