[syslinux] git repo TLS certificate change

Ady Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 9 02:59:08 PDT 2018

Considering that the official Syslinux git repo is located at:


and just in case the following information might be relevant to 
Syslinux's devs/others...

Quote from repo.or.cz:


repo.or.cz will soon switch to Let's Encrypt for its TLS certificates. 
This means that we will no longer issue the site's certificates 
ourselves. If you have configured your browser or your Git client to 
only trust the existing CA (see root certificate), access to the site 
will stop working. Please configure your clients to trust the Let's 
Encrypt CA instead, after we have switched the certificates. This will 
not have any effect on SSH access.

We plan to discontinue support of the old certificate at the start of 
October 2018.



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