[syslinux] Using syslinux.efi while doing UEFI HTTP boot iso PXE boot

jps at jpsmeets.net jps at jpsmeets.net
Thu Dec 12 23:47:40 PST 2019


We are currently testing PXE booting with syslinux.efi in UEFI mode.
This is working fine.
However the loading of syslinux.efi and the config files is still using 
TFTP protocol, the rest kernel and initrd is loaded using HTTP protocol.
We would like to use only HTTP protocol.
In UEFI it is possible to use HTTP boot instead off PXE boot.
1.	If we load syslinux.efi with HTTP will this work ?
2.	If we load syslinux.efi with HTTP, will syslinux then load it config 
files with HTTP or TFTP ?
3.	In UEFI 2.8 it is possible to provide the next server manually (not 
using DHCP).
         Will syslinux work with HTTP boot and a manually provided next 
server (no DHCP data) ?

Best regards,
Jean-Paul Smeets

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