[syslinux] Mixed binary and source/building files in 6.04-pre3

Ady Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 8 05:33:39 PST 2019

> The end result was that I ended up refactoring much of the tree so that it now
It is known that, since version 6.00, the binary files are located 
_ ./bios/
_ ./efi32/
_ ./efi64/

Those directories should _only_ include binary files and documentation. 
IOW, source code and/or (temporary) building files should not be in 

Within those subdirectories, the new 6.04-pre3 has a mix of documents 
(OK), binary files (OK) and source/building files (KO) (e.g. '*.o' 
files, among others, should not be there).

This is most probably a result of refactoring (e.g. from './core/' to 
'./core/bios/', which should not be confused with './bios/) and the 
corresponding changes in makefiles.

Since this mix of files generates confusion for users, and it will also 
complicate things for package maintainers, it would be very desirable 
for this mix to be avoided in future pre-release archives.


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