[syslinux] gnu-efi memset/memcpy WAS:syslinux-6.04-pre3 botched

Ady Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 14 23:16:23 PST 2019

> >I think using -z muldefs when linking against gnu-efi(vs. excluding
> >memcpy/memset) would be beneficial.
> >That way building syslinux against older/future gnu-efi will not break
> >and you get your
> >optimized memset/memcpy impl. Gnu-efi just has the simplest impl. of
> >these functions.
> >
> > Jocke
> No. It really is the wrong thing to do, and could mask very serious bugs.
> It also doesn't solve any of these problems 
We still don't know whether someone, somewhere, anyone, anywhere, will 
actually solve this conflict somehow.

Considering that Debian and Ubuntu are already using zmuldefs as a 
workaround, and other distros are adopting it too, then this "wrong" 
way is rapidly becoming the only effective way.

What would be "the right thing to do"? Will anyone come up with "the 
right solution" for distros to apply from upstream code? Sooner rather 
than later?

Will the right solution be within Syslinux's code? gnu-efi's code? Both 
would need patches? Others?


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