[syslinux] A bug in command localboot was introduced in version 6.03.

Victor Sologoubov victor0 at rambler.ru
Sun Jan 20 23:43:10 PST 2019

I created a bootable usb flash with boot menu. One of items was "Boot 
from hard drive" with command "localboot 0x81". This item worked when 
this usb flash was prepared with syslinux 6.02. And it stopped working 
when the flash was prepared with syslinux 6.03. The message was

Booting from local disk...
Boot error

I extracted the source code, investigated, changed, compiled and used 
for the flash. This menu item works again.

20.01.2019 0:35, Erwan Velu writes:
> Can you detail what bug that introduce ?
> Behavior with the current code and with your change proposal ?
> That's pretty unclear for me.
> Thanks !

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