[syslinux] Kernel Image CRC checking

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Fri Jun 7 22:34:35 PDT 2019

On 6/7/19 10:25 PM, H. Peter Anvin via Syslinux wrote:
>> However, the CRC polynomial for zlib and the Linux kernel should both be the
>> same: 0x04c11db7.
> I just double-checked, and the CRC tables are indeed identical. I was pretty
> sure, because I wrote that code a long time ago...

Ah, it seems that zlib's CRC32 returns the binary inverse of the CRC32 (i.e.
crc32 ^ 0xffffffff); so unless the Linux code is broken (and the spec needs to
be corrected, since that error would go back many years) using the zlib code
one would have to look for 0xffffffff == UINT32_MAX instead of 0.


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