[syslinux] lpxelinux.0 issues with larger initrd.img files from RHEL >= 7.5 on UCS servers?

Ady Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Wed May 22 08:18:25 PDT 2019

> I downloaded pxelinux and syslinux 6.04 from sid
You also need (at least) the "syslinux-common" package of the same 
version, in order to obtain the core module (ldlinux.c32) and the other 
*.c32 modules under the "bios" directory tree (Beware: all platforms 
are included in the same binary package; make sure not to use c32 
modules from UEFI platforms when you are testing lpxelinux.0). If you 
didn't use the relevant binary files from that package in your tests, 
then you probably were mixing binaries from different 

I don't know how much relevant debug info you could actually get when 
using the "-dhcpinfo" option of linux.c32 (see the wiki for details).

Probably what is needed here is someone with the relevant knowledge and 
experience in this specific matter (genec? hpa? someone else?) in order 
to guide you more specifically.


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