[syslinux] syslinux efi64 test c32 module

Thomas Schmitt scdbackup at gmx.net
Fri May 24 05:45:21 PDT 2019


> does someone have test syslinux EFI64 bootloader in qemu ?

IIRC, yes. With a Knoppix 8 ISO as -hda. (It's a rarity by using
SYSLINUX for EFI in an ISO.)

> what do I need except qemu-syste-x86-64.

OVMF: Open Virtual Machine Firmware

I find traces in my mailbox that i did on Debian:

  qemu-system-x86_64 -enable-kvm -m 512 \
                     -hda knoppix_v8_linuxmag_04_17.iso \
                     -bios /usr/share/ovmf/OVMF.fd

I still have that ISO ... and it still boots that way.

Have a nice day :)


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