[syslinux] Suggested update to the Wiki page on PXElinux (UEFI-related stuff in ISC dhcpd.conf)

James Pearson james-p at moving-picture.com
Fri Nov 8 03:39:26 PST 2019

Ady Ady via Syslinux wrote:
> The dhcpd.conf examples in the wiki page were modified from "nn:nn" to
> "decimal" format by HPA in 2016 (quoting HPA: "UEFI - clean up
> dhcpd.conf examples").
> Please note that several other sites (e.g. the FOG wiki) also use
> simple decimal notation for these types of examples. Whether the
> decimal notation is actually invalid, or at least problematic, I don't
> really know.
> If during the next few days there are no new emails objecting the
> suggested change, I'll revert the dhcpd.conf examples in the PXELINUX
> wiki page back to "nn:nn" format. Although feedback from GeneC and from
> HPA regarding this matter would be particularly interesting, comments
> from anyone are very much appreciated.

 From my own limited use of setting up syslinux.efi booting in 
dhcpd.conf (stock dhcpd on CentOS 6), the 'decimal' format doesn't work, 
but the "nn:nn" format does

James Pearson

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