[syslinux] Font for cyrillic letters

Ady Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 27 21:19:28 PDT 2019

Perhaps I misunderstood your initial email? I thought that you already 
achieved the goal of displaying Cyrillic/Russian characters (glyphs) 
when booting with Syslinux.

Anyway... Please carefully re-read the "Directives/font" wiki page. It 
includes links for some "tools" (e.g. conversion, creation) and general 
info (e.g. formats...), and it also mentions some examples (e.g. 
"terminus", among others).

For instance, if you were to search for "terminus" or "terminus font" 
or "terminus font console", you might find that such package might 
include a file named "ter-k16n.psf", among others. Another file in such 
package might be "ter-u16n.psf". I don't know whether either of these 2 
particular _psf1_ fonts answer(s) to your specific needs. I have not 
tested them and I have not reviewed their contents to see in which 
positions the relevant Cyrillic glyphs are located. I am just 
mentioning these 2 files in this one package as a potential example; 
there are many others.

Please note that you might find that the same file names / packages are 
(also) used for (other) psf2 fonts (instead of psf1 fonts). I know for 
a fact that there are psf1 fonts that are distributed with the 
aforementioned names.

As I mentioned in my prior email already, the AltLinux community/users 
might be of help for both, "Cyrillic/Russian" and "kdb" matters. 
Upstream "kdb" has an official mailing list too.


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