[syslinux] isolinux 6.04-pre3-3-g05ac953 - failed to load ldlinux.c32

Ady Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 20 20:21:10 PDT 2019

> Okay, thanks.   I just tried 6.01-pre1, downloading the .xz file.
> But that won't build because the gnu-efi directory is empty.   ??
As already mentioned in several places/pages/docs...

Since Syslinux 6.00, the respective binary files (e.g. boot loaders, 
installers, Syslinux modules,...) are located under respective 
"./bios/", "./efi32/", "./efi64/" subdirectories in the official 
Syslinux archives.

Searching for "isolinux.bin" (for example) within the expanded archive 
should show that the binary files are indeed included in the official 

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