[syslinux] Both UEFI+BIOS USB and multisystem

Angel angelv64 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 19 03:40:56 PST 2020

Hello all.

I'm trying to make a USB bootable with UEFI and BIOS and with many
systems on in.

I'm using a USB with 3 partitions: first of type EF02, second type EF00
and third is type 8300 with a unzipped Debian. I've installed gptmbr.bin.

I can boot in a BIOS only machine, and in a newer machine without CMS

I'm having problems when I try to launch syslinux.cfg in third
partition, I'm using chain.c32 with "boot,2" in APPEND, but it seems
doesn't go to the partition and seems start configuration in second
partition. I'm not sure if is possible ot chainloading to a Linux type
from an EFI (FAT32) partition.

Regards and thanks in advanced

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