[syslinux] Both UEFI+BIOS USB and multisystem

Angel angelv64 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 19 10:25:12 PST 2020

El 19/12/20 a las 17:36, Ady via Syslinux escribió:
>> I'm having problems when I try to launch syslinux.cfg in third
>> partition, I'm using chain.c32 with "boot,2" in APPEND, but it seems
>> doesn't go to the partition and seems start configuration in second
>> partition. I'm not sure if is possible ot chainloading to a Linux type
>> from an EFI (FAT32) partition.
> If you are trying to chain to the "third" partition, it is not clear 
> why you would use "boot,2". Perhaps some of the partitions you 
> described are not actually counted / present / seen?

I've tried "boot,3 " with the same result, I don't know how to test how
many partitions are visible to syslinux.

> Moreover, it is not clear if you are saying that whatever you are using 
> in syslinux.cfg is all working correctly and as expected for BIOS, and 
> that is only partially failing for UEFI in some particular scenario(s). 
> Or, instead, perhaps you mean that "chain.c32 boot,2" is failing in 
> both, BIOS and UEFI boot modes. Or...

After check the boot in BIOS and UEFI, I'm testing only in BIOS
environment, not yet in UEFI. I have in ESP partition a directory
"syslinux" with a syslinux.cfg and other in EFI/BOOT. One in syslinux
contains lines:

UI menu.c32
MENU TITLE Instalador de cosas BIOS
LABEL Debian 64 bits
	MENU LABEL Debian Stable Netinstall 32/64 bits
#	CONFIG /Debian/amd64/syslinux.cfg /Debian/amd64/
    COM32 chain.c32
    APPEND boot 2

> At any rate, it seems that you need to actually read some 
> documentation. For example:
> * EF02 is required by GRUB2; 
> * chain.c32 6.04-pre1 is for BIOS (and/or CSM) only, not for UEFI; 
> * syslinux.efi 6.04-pre1 is not capable of loading anything other than 
> a Linux kernel that: 
> ** is already compatible with UEFI and, 
I think is compatible, is Debian netinst. But by the moment I'm testing
only in BIOS.

> ** that it is located in the same ESP partition as syslinux.efi.
I think this is the reason, but if ESP is FAT32 formatted, when I've
unzipped netinst.iso there was a complain about symbolic links.

You're right when you said about documentation, I think I'm mixing things

> Regards,


> Ady.
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