[syslinux] EFI32/64 doesn't boot 32 bits kernel

Alex ggink at zipmail.com.br
Fri Jan 10 06:54:40 PST 2020

   Hi, all.
   I have read a lot from this list, but I didn't find any idea about how to boot my 32 bits kernel.
   I tried to use EFI32/64 syslinux (both versions 6.03 and 6.04-pre1) and it didn't work (it freezes after loading the kernel/initrd).
   I tried with two different computers (both x86_64), but one has UEFI ia32 firmware and the other UEFI x64 firmware, so it was possible to test syslinux with EFI32 and EFI64 without any success.
   The kernel version used is 4.9 compiled for 32 bits. I also tried to compile it for 64 bits and it works, but I have to run it in 32 bits.
   What I need is some clues about this problem. Does anyone have any idea why this problem happens? Is there any suggestion on how to make it work?
   I read from some previous email in this list that the kernel version 4.4 compiled in 32 bits is working. What could be the difference between the two kernel versions that would affect boot?

   Best regards.

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