[syslinux] "Most Linux distributions won't be using "

Ady ady-sf at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 20 20:04:06 PDT 2020

> > 3_ Unless you specifically want to use a Syslinux variant (e.g.
> > ISOLINUX), I would suggest not investing "too much" time on
> > configuring it. In the near future, most Linux distributions won't be
> > using it.
> Can you explain/elaborate on what this means?
It means that, in the near future, most _official_ ISO images of the 
most-popular Linux distributions won't be using ISOLINUX, but rather 
some other bootloader, or another method of distribution. This has 
already started to happen, and will be much more noticeable in the 
(very) near future.

Unfortunately, many auxiliary tools (e.g. Unetbootin, and many others) 
are currently not ready for such change. Generally speaking, I would 
suggest following each distro's instructions and support, instead of 
assuming that "some new ISO image fails to boot completely". I mean, 
the ISO images might fail, but in some cases such fail will depend on 
the method/tool in use. In many cases, _only_ a "dd-like" method 
is/will be officially supported by Linux distributions. Many auxiliary 
tools will need updates in order to work as expected. And, surely, some 
ISO images will be incompatible with some hardware/firmware.


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