[syslinux] How to pass some blob data from syslinux to linux kernel?

Renato renatoriolino at gmail.com
Tue Feb 9 13:35:41 PST 2021

Hello all,

I have a big problem to fix that I think it would be possible using

I have a PC that have UEFI 64 "bios" and I'm running a 32 bit only linux
kernel on it.  I need to read some data (4kb to be exactly) from a UEFI
register inside the kernel.

Since the kernel is 32 bits and my UEFI is 64 bits, I couldn't find a way
to access it directly from kernel.

The possible solution I found was to read that data with syslinux (efi,
64bits) and then send it to kernel.

The first part is done, I have read the 4kb data from EFI.  Now I need some
help to do the second part.

I was thinking about just dropping the data in memory after kernel or
initrd and pass the memory address as kernel param (but I still need to
lookup how to do that), would it work? Is there another/better way?

Any thoughts?



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