[syslinux] Multiboot BIOS / EFI32 / EFI64

Johann Obermayr johann.obermayr at sigmatek.at
Wed Jun 29 05:37:25 PDT 2022


I will make a boot disk, that can boot from older Hardware with BIOS boot & newer hardware with EFI boot.

My idea is:

Partition1: EFI Boot partition
   /EFI/BOOT/ BOOTia32.efi
   /EFI/BOOT/ BOOTx64.efi
Partition2: Linux System

Also set EFI Boot Partition as active.
Witch BIN file must I install on MBR ?
   I think mbr.bin ist the correct.
For PBR (Partition Bootrecord) I use ldlinux.bss.
But is this compatible with the EFI Boot FAT Partition ?

Is there a way to do this, or must I patch syslinux ?

Best regards

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