[syslinux] Re: Isolinux doesn't boot

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Tue Aug 13 13:33:06 PDT 2002

Andy Polyakov wrote:
>>>i've been trying around for a month or so to get isolinux on my toshiba
>>>satellite 4010cdt running. It doesn't really work.
>>>The debug version says the following:
>>>ISOLINUX 1.75 2002-06-14 ...
>>>isolinux: Startinug up, DL = 82
>>>isolinux: Loaded spec packed OK, drive = 82
>>>Is there a workaround?
> Attached. The code which is %if 0-ed out is redundant. The result
> returned by int 13h/ah=48h is printed on the screen [single field of the
> returned structure], but is never used for anything else and is
> basically ignored anyway [at least for the time being?]...

Right... this is a workaround for some *OTHER* systems... since you're
right; the value can't be trusted anyway, we might as well just kill the
code -- especially if it helps on some platforms.



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