SYSLINUX 1.76-pre1/2.00-pre7 (was: [syslinux] Re: Isolinux doesn'tboot)

H. Peter Anvin hpa at
Tue Aug 13 14:18:17 PDT 2002

Andy Polyakov wrote:
>>>>Alright... I have released SYSLINUX 1.76-pre1 and 2.00-pre7 with this
>>>>workaround included; please test and I'll promote 1.76-pre1 to 1.76 if
>>>>it works.
>>>I can test only in couple of days... I.e. on Toshiba...
>>>Once you're in the mood to post a new version. Consider
>>> as well.
>>>The problem [system freezes if you move the mouse while I/O to/from
>>>memdisk is taking place] occurs with a number of BIOSes and affects a
>>>number of DOS programs, not only partition magic. A.
>>What machine?
> It've experienced the problem *and* tested the suggested workaround on
> couple of dual-AMD motherboards (from Tyan and ASUS), PIII-based ASUS
> motherboard, PIII-based Toshiba laptop, and VMware. Then I also gave
> patched version to friends who reported it working on an PII-based
> Intel, dual-PII Gigabyte motherboards and [recently] on P4-based Toshiba
> laptop.

This is weird.  Do you have EMM386.EXE loaded, and if so, which version
of DOS?


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