[syslinux] feedback/help request

Stephen Brown sbrown7 at umbc.edu
Tue Aug 20 19:24:06 PDT 2002

On Tue, 20 Aug 2002, H. Peter Anvin wrote:

> Near the beginning of the kernel boot messages it should print the
> kernel command line, as it sees it.
Any ideas how to stop the scrolling while the kernel is having it's way
with the hardware?  Ctrl-S/Q (tried both, can never remember which
starts/stops) had no effect (at least not with my reflexes), and
ScrollLock caused a kernel NULL pointer dereference.  Once the system
locks (a matter of less than a second, it seems) the canonical
Shift-PageUp has no effect, Alt-Fn won't give other terminals (probably
still in single-user mode anyway) so no way to look at the log file
being written to RAMdisk....

> No escaping, in fact, no escaping or quoting is *ALLOWED*.

Some of your other syslinux subscribers passed that along as well,
thanks again for the quick and helpful advice.  The only reason I asked
was the need for LILO to get the parameter list as a single quoted
string in it's config file, but then I realized it is because of the
multiple equal signs that would confuse a parser:
append="par1=arg1,2,3 par2=arg4"
Figured that if the command line params were getting passed through
multiple programs, that quoting might make the difference between
several variables and one long string variable with embedded spaces, and
that that might be significant.  I stand enlightened.

This evening, I methodically passed parameters (I hope) to the kernel,
both from the command line, and editing syslinux.cfg -- hand copying the
tail of the messages where the system hangs, if anyone is interested in
an exercise in futility.  Looks like it is time to head off to the
Linux kernel lists.

Steve Brown
sbrown7 at umbc.edu

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