[syslinux] tftpd32

Michael Erskine Michael.Erskine at JASMIN.PLC.UK
Wed Dec 4 05:49:53 PST 2002

> Have you had any reports of problems with the latest version of his
> server (v2.51 tftpd32j.zip) ? I was getting an error about the server
> not supporting tsize when trying to get the config file. I have gone
> back to v2.21 (tftpd32i.zip) which works fine.

Yes, tftpd32 is now broken -- I'm sure Phillipe knows about this. I
don't mean to detract from Phillipe's efforts, but I seriously recommend
HaneWIN DHCP/TFTP server for a quick Win32 server solution (shareware 29
euros - can run as a service).



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