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Wed Dec 4 08:42:14 PST 2002

Try to use the 2.21 version.

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I've been sorting out a network boot strategy for a mixed network (NT/2K
based server, booting linux clients).

As I'm running (not by choice) Windows based servers, I have been trying to
use Philippe Jounins excellent tftp server.

Have you had any reports of problems with the latest version of his server
(v2.51 tftpd32j.zip) ? I was getting an error about the server not
supporting tsize when trying to get the config file. I have gone back to
v2.21 (tftpd32i.zip) which works fine.

I'm using the latest version of syslinux (v2.00, 25-Oct-2002).

I've sent an email to Philippe as well, so this is probably usefull just for
information (unless it is due to a very strange interaction between these
particular versions)


Allen Clarke.

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