[syslinux] booting from local disk

Leila Jaibaji ljaibaji at looksmart.net
Mon Dec 16 19:18:35 PST 2002


I've mostly set up a kickstart for RedHat 8.0. 
I'm using the instructions posted by Alf W. :

The whole thing works, except when I go to reboot the system it hangs.


TFTP Prefix:
Trying to load:  pxelinux.cfg/AABBCCDD
Trying to load:  pxelinux.cfg/AABBCCD
Trying to load:  pxelinux.cfg/AABBCC
Trying to load:  pxelinux.cfg/AABBC
Trying to load:  pxelinux.cfg/AABB
Trying to load:  pxelinux.cfg/default
Booting from localdisk

And then it just sits there.  If I understood what it was looking for here,
I'd probably be able to troubleshoot it better.   It does seem to find my
default file which has:

default linux
label linux 
  localboot 0

My /boot directory looks reasonable  (there are initrd, vmlinuz images)
I'm running on a P4 Intel, PXELINUX 2.00.

When I change my BIOS to boot from hard disk before the NIC, it boots up
just fine.
Can anyone point me in a direction to hunt or let me know if I can provide
more info.  

Thank you,

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