[syslinux] PXE Linux in Deutsch

Julian Picht da_ghozt at yahoo.de
Wed Dec 25 11:16:04 PST 2002

Well, I think it is better to do this discussion in English...
ndof at gmx.li did a translation of PXE Linux to German and asked who would
want have that (for all who don't speak german).
My question is, if he translated the messages to German or the comments in
the code or what... If it is about the messages, couldn't you do that by an
.inf file? I mean so you could do a much better translation and if we get a
new version, it would not be nessessery to do this translation again. If it
is already in one .inf file, sorry. But I just had a quick look at the
sources yet.

MfG Julian Picht

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> Hallo wer will PXE Linux in deutsch haben?
> Ich hatte mir mal die Mühe gemacht es zu übersetzten.


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