[syslinux] tftp-hpa backport to openbsd tftpd

julien Touche julien.touche at lycos.com
Thu Dec 26 01:44:14 PST 2002


I'm working on an update of the openbsd tftpd, mainly to support RFC
2349 (tsize option; and 2347-2348 too). In fact, i backport from
tftp-hpa (which came from an old openbsd cvs).
I know, i can use tftp-hpa but first it doesn't compile on openbsd,
second, i hope the backport could be include in openbsd cvs ...

does someone know a tftp client or a test to really know what is good or
not ? it seems i have a transfert but not well ...
when i test my modified tftpd, transfert goes well with linux tftp
(which is tftp-hpa if i mislead not)  client, windows one or openbsd
one. But when, i try with my 3com PXE boot rom, it seems it can't
connect to tftp.
I don't know how to test tsize option. ideas ?



PS: please cc.
PS2: i mail tech at openbsd.org but have not find appropriate solutions.
PS3: at the moment, i don't touch openbsd tftp client and don't plan to.

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