[syslinux] tftp-hpa backport to openbsd tftpd

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Thu Dec 26 14:07:06 PST 2002

julien Touche wrote:
> i tried it but except it doesn't work i didn't gather much information 
> and tftpd has no option to work in foreground and debug option.
> same for tftp client which has only verbose/trace option but there is no 
> way to enable/disable tsize/blk/blk2/... to know if an option works.
> I suppose all these ones work in compatibility mode so don't use tsize 
> and others.

I recommend using tcpdump and capturing a packet trace.

> I try to add a debug trace with macro (some simple print to file) but i 
> get nothing except main beginning ...
>> It would also be very interesting to know what modifications I would 
>> need to add to tftp-hpa to make it compile on OpenBSD, so please send 
>> me your changes.
> i investigate little but i manage to compile with the following changes 
> i delete: -D_XOPEN_SOURCE
> now it compiles (i haven't test it for now)

OK, unfortunately that's a hack (meaning you're bypassing the configure 
script.)  Does _XOPEN_SOURCE really have to *not* be defined?  Where is 
u_short and u_long defined on OpenBSD?

> (note for archives: problem was seen from sys/socket.h and arpa/inet.h 
> header, error about u_short and some others)
> i'll test it to know if it works but i thing it would be best if base 
> openbsd could support tsize option in tftpd ...

Yes, however, if we have a working tftp-hpa it should be easy enough to 
drop it into the OpenBSD CVS tree.  It would make future merges easier, too.


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