[syslinux] problem booting linux on intel scb2 ata board

Simon Hartl SHARTL at osst.at
Fri Feb 1 01:58:52 PST 2002

hello again,

i've reported a problem with the intel scb2 ata board and syslinux a few
days ago.
now i've more details:

the scb2 ata board has an onboard promise raid controller.
when the option bios of this ide raid controller is disabled syslinux
works fine - but if the
option bios is enabled (which has to be if i want to boot form the
harddisk) the boot
of the fails (kernel version: 2.2.19, initial ramdisk used)

last message displayed is: "Uncompressing Linux... Ok, booting kernel."
(sometimes not even this
message is show)

if i use syslinux version 1.49 or lower the problems are different:
with 512MB RAM:
the kernel boots process works fine but it can't find the rootfs (the
initrd) which results in 
kernel panic.
with 1GB RAM all works fine

is there any solution for this problem (i've also tried syslinux -s with
the same result)?

best regards
simon hartl


Scharitzerstrasse 21a
A-4020 Linz
Tel: +43-70-601440
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