[syslinux] Re: problem booting linux on intel scb2 ata board

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Fri Feb 1 02:03:33 PST 2002

Simon Hartl wrote:

> i've reported a problem with the intel scb2 ata board and syslinux a few
> days ago.
> now i've more details:
> the scb2 ata board has an onboard promise raid controller.
> when the option bios of this ide raid controller is disabled syslinux
> works fine - but if the
> option bios is enabled (which has to be if i want to boot form the
> harddisk) the boot
> of the fails (kernel version: 2.2.19, initial ramdisk used)
> last message displayed is: "Uncompressing Linux... Ok, booting kernel."
> (sometimes not even this
> message is show)
> if i use syslinux version 1.49 or lower the problems are different:
> with 512MB RAM:
> the kernel boots process works fine but it can't find the rootfs (the
> initrd) which results in 
> kernel panic.
> with 1GB RAM all works fine
> is there any solution for this problem (i've also tried syslinux -s with
> the same result)?

I have heard of problems before with this particular combination of 
hardware.  Unfortunately I have no way to debug it without access to 

Could you try a 2.4.x kernel for me?  It would let me know if it a 
problem that can be resolved with a new boot protocol version.


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