[syslinux] problems with tftp-hpa timing out.

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Sat Feb 23 20:08:38 PST 2002

James S. Martin wrote:

> I'm difficulty diagnosing a tftp-hpa problem.  Specfically, when 
> performing a PXE boot, the machine hangs at the "TFTP...." and times out.
> This is only occuring at one network location (we'll call it network A).
> Now on network B, the computers on network can tftp boot no problem.
> If I run a tftp client from my workstation to connect to the tftp-hpa 
> server on network A, I can retrieve a file with no problems.
> If I change the tftp server on newtork A to the generic Sun tftp server, 
> it attempts to download pxelinux.0, but fails because of the missing 
> blksize options, as expected.
> I can boot from network A to a tftp-hpa server in network B, but can't 
> TFTP boot from network B to network A.
> (Sorry this sounds like one of those "2 trains travelling at 50mph.." 
> story problems from 5th grade math).
> My assumption is that the tftp-hpa server works fine in network A 
> because I can make a tftpclient connection to it from my workstation. My 
> assumption that the server I'm trying to boot in network A works fine 
> because it can connect to the tftp-hpa server in network B.  My issue is 
> that I can't figure out why the network A PXE client would connect to 
> the sun tftpd and actually start to download pxelinux.0, but not be able 
> to do anything with the tftp-hpa.  Can anyone offer some additional 
> advice/insight?

What PXE stack does your clients use (the working ones, and the 
nonworking ones.)  "TFTP..." sounds like a "0.99" PXE client, several of 
which had problems with blksize options.  Use the -r blksize option to 
tftp-hpa to disable the blksize option.


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