[syslinux] few question

Josef Siemes jsiemes at web.de
Mon Jan 14 11:01:06 PST 2002


> >working, but i don't know what it mean....
> >if substring (option vendor-class-identifier, 0, 3) = "PXE"
> vendor-class-identifier is something the client will tell the server.
> pxe clients tell the server "PXEClient" (ie they set vendor-class-identifier
> = PXEClient) meaning they are pxe clients.
> Etherboot clients will set it to "Etherboot"

It used to identify the hardware, thus I've some entry "IBM-8364-TXX"
here, some other called "IBMNSM A.2.0". The first one is a 
networkstation 2800, while the latter one is a networkstation 1000.

> >i have the same question for the "option vendor-encapsulated-options" ?
> This is something the server tell the client, and the client may be
> programmmed to do something different depending on what it receives.
> >for example:
> >option vendor-encapsulated-options 3c:09:45:74:68:65:72:62:6f:6f:74:ff;
> This is hex for "Etherboot", etherboot clients may be programmed to only
> consider dhcp servers which use this id.

This used to be some extension for vendor-specific options. You can use
this option to send some vendor-defined options to the client. These
depend on the server _and_ the client, and were used before PXE was

PXE defines the 'Vendor-class-identifier' to be 'PXEClient', followed
by options the server should negotiate. E.g. the UUID etc.pp. is sent
from the client to the server, and the server can react on these options.

Somewhere else (I think also in this option ...) the MTFTP options 
(Multicast TFTP) are set.

So if you like to try something in these options: They're highly
Rom dependent, so one PXE Rom will support one while the other one
doesn't like this option at all (i.e. won't boot!). It can also
impact other (non-PXE) DHCP clients.

Usually you won't need any of these, despite the 'magic' string 
found in the pxelinux documentation. This switches all MTFTP related
things off if your pxe rom really wants to talk MTFTP.



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