[syslinux] help with syslinux config

Joe Patterson jpatterson at asgardgroup.com
Wed Jan 16 13:03:13 PST 2002

I'm feeling really stupid here....  I seem to be missing something about the
syslinux config file.  I'm booting a workstation via pxelinux.  Everything
is cool, life is great, but I seem to be missing something about the config
file.  I have:

display menu.dpy
timeout 35000
default netboot
label netboot
        kernel vmlinuz.nfs
        append root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=
label localboot
        localboot 0

and whenever the machine boots, it automatically loads the netboot config.
If I take out the default line, when it boots it displays "could not find
kernel image:  linux" or similar.  How do I tell it to not automatically
take the default action?  Or is this something specific to pxelinux?  Or is
there a chance that the bios is preloading the keyboard buffer with an
"enter"? (dell poweredge 1550). I'm just confused.

On a similar note, the distribution comes with some files in the samples/
directory, but those are only for display files.  Are there any samples
floating around of interesting configuration files?


-Joe Patterson, CCNP, CISSP
Senior Security Engineer
The Asgard Group
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jpatterson at asgardgroup.com

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