[syslinux] memdisk hd images

Egan Ford egan at sense.net
Tue Jan 22 10:26:48 PST 2002

Thanks, I figured as much and used DOSEMU to create the image, however I
didn't strip off the  first 128 bytes.


1.  When I tried to boot my 16MB DOSEMU created HD image, memdisk did not
recognize the S/H/C data, was this because of the 128 bytes?  (I updated
mkfatimage16 to output the S/H/C to compensate, then added to my conf file).

2.  Do you think you might support compressed HD images?  gzip?

3.  How would I create a "large floppy"?  I tried 2.88 with no success (I
could not find a IBM DOS 2.88 boot sector and I do not have a 2.88 drive).


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> Egan Ford wrote:
>  > How does one make a HD image?  Floppy images are easy enough, but to
> have to
>  > create a hdimage, you need MBR and partitions, etc...  I want
> to create a
>  > 10MB DOS HD and boot it, how would I do this with Linux?
>  >
> By far the easiest way is to use DOSEMU, if you have a DOSEMU setup.  I
> usually set up the disk image I'm working on as the second harddrive in
> DOSEMU.  Note that DOSEMU puts a 128-byte header on its hard disk
> images; it needs to be stripped off (dd if=dosemuimg of=rawimage bs=128
> skip=1) -- a future version of MEMDISK might be able to detect and
> ignore it.
> Unfortunately, there are otherwise no good tools to make a disk image
> from Linux; there is no tool to make an MBR (the one shipped with
> SYSLINUX unfortunately doesn't work) and mkdosfs doesn't work too well
> on a non-floppy image.
> For that reason, you're probably better creating a "large floppy" image
> instead.
> 	-hpa
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