[syslinux] Re: SYSLINUX-experience

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Fri Jan 25 13:32:11 PST 2002

ulrich.althoefer at ratiodata.de wrote:

> Hi, all together.

> 1.) Message: Segmentation fault
> I tried to write the MBR to my floppy with this command (SYSLINUX-Version 1.66)
> :
> syslinux -s /dev/fd0
> On my Intel-Pentium Processor it really works.
> But on my old Intel 486 and 386 Processors it says: Segmentation fault.
> What is wrong with this Environment?

You probably compiled the installer program for i586.

> 2.) Colors in lss-Format o.k.
> The color-Assignments showns to be o.k.!
> I had a picture of my house in bmp-format and I converted it to lss16-format.
> Please see at the attachment.



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