[syslinux] Thanks Peter

James Alan Brown James at jabcomp.force9.co.uk
Fri Jan 25 14:42:18 PST 2002

Dear Peter,

first: thanks for the very prompt reply,

I am not sure I would like to download 
400+ meg file on my 56k modem though. 
Can that CD be purchased on line?

Maybe some background here is needed:
I am using SuSE Linux 6.4 and dual booting 
with windows 95 using LILO. I have found 
SuSE to be the easiest to mod so I would 
rather work with those files. 

There are quite large differences between 
Red Hat and SuSE as I am sure you know. 

I have about 2 years worth of major 
customised changes so my feelings are that 
I need to create this CD rather that try 
using one based on Red Hat. 

I need to gain a complete full understanding 
of the install from scratch using
syslinux -> initrd and how/if the CD can be 
mounted as, say, a mirror of my /root

Do you happen to know of any good books that 
cover this in high detail?

How for example did people use/setup Linux 
before the Red Hat days?

Anyway again thanks for your help,


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