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H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Sun Jan 27 12:52:02 PST 2002

Bruce M Beach wrote:

>      Hello All;
>       I have a linux system on a CD that I use to teach
>       a graduate course on Unix. I use isolinux to boot
>       the kernel then simply mount the CD ro and set
>       up some symbolic links pointing to /tmpfs for the stuff 
>       that needs be writable. (mainly /var and /tmp). Something like
>       gcc is a little bit slow the first time you use it but
>       then it gets cached and after that it is all right.
>       Isolinux works just fine. No problems. What I would like
>       to do is somehow automatically determine what drive the cd 
>       is on so I can mount it with out a command line prompt.
>       This would be quite useful since I would like the students
>       to be able walk up to any WindToad(TM) system in the University, 
>       and boot Linux. The problem is that it is not known before
>       hand which IDE channel the CD is residing on.

Here is a copy of the find-cd script used on the SuperRescue CD.  It 
works for SCSI, USB and IDE (i.e. all modern CD-ROMs):


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