[syslinux] Boot cd's

Josef Siemes jsiemes at web.de
Mon Jan 28 05:55:37 PST 2002


Bruce M Beach <brucemartinbeach at 21cn.com> schrieb am 28.01.02:
>      Now of course I can't execute any of the suggested scripts in
>      the above setup because to find the scripts the CD has to be
>      mounted first and in general it could be anywhere C:, D: etc.
>      Now it seems to me that in the case of the scsi emulation
>      it will simply mount the first CD that it finds and for me
>      that is satisfactory since is likely to be the case 99% of
>      time. In the case of an IDE type CD setup, what interested me
>      was the fact that isolinux actually already knows the drive
>      number and if it could be persuaded to pass the information
>      to the kernel for mounting that would be a fairly simple and
>      useful solution.

Did you take into account that there may be an initrd that isolinux loads
after it loaded the kernel? The scripts can be run from linuxrc. 

isolinux has no idea under which device the kernel expects the cd-rom
drive - it uses the ones available from the bios, while the kernel may
be dealing with additional controllers (unsupported by the bios,
load the drivers in different sequence etc.pp).

BTW: This has almost nothing to do with syslinux/isolinux itself ...



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