[syslinux] cd_boot with 3-4 floppys

Josef Siemes jsiemes at web.de
Wed Jan 30 10:57:08 PST 2002


Chema <jmolles at airtel.net> schrieb am 30.01.02:
> I want to make a cd bootable whit 3-4 floppys (to install msdos for ex.)
> My fisrt disk boots fine but when it wants the next disk check to a: not
> to cdrom /isolinux dir and not to cdrom root... :-(
> How do I do wrong?

Perhaps you should explain more in detail what you want to do.

Are you using syslinux and 'El Torito' Disk images on some bootable
CD, or is it isolinux? What are you booting? Dos?



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