[syslinux] cd_boot with 3-4 floppys

Chema jmolles at airtel.net
Wed Jan 30 11:11:42 PST 2002

I use isolinux.
I like to create a cd that boot in MS-DOS and install MSDOS (if you
remember to install DOS you need 3 or 4 floppyes)
I have on "CDROM"/isolinux the image of first floppy and the rest of
files (the others floppys) I write on the same directory (doesn't work)
and another time on "CDROM" root (doesn't work neither).
Any idea?

El 30/01/02 Josef Siemes escribió:

> Hi,
> Chema <jmolles at airtel.net> schrieb am 30.01.02:
> > I want to make a cd bootable whit 3-4 floppys (to install msdos for ex.)
> > My fisrt disk boots fine but when it wants the next disk check to a: not
> > to cdrom /isolinux dir and not to cdrom root... :-(
> > How do I do wrong?
> Perhaps you should explain more in detail what you want to do.
> Are you using syslinux and 'El Torito' Disk images on some bootable
> CD, or is it isolinux? What are you booting? Dos?
> Regards,
> Josef
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