[syslinux] Novice Questions

Stan DeMarta stansda at ix.netcom.com
Fri Mar 15 16:31:04 PST 2002


I have some questions on SysLinux (PXELinux) capabilities: 


First I would like to describe our environment.

We are going to have an embedded PC (hopefully running some form of
Linux). By embedded I mean, no user Interface (i.e. no VGA, keybrd,
mouse), no Disk drives of any sort. It will have lots of RAM, part of
which is expected to be used as a RAM disk. It will have a 1Gb Ethernet
connection to a Windows workstation running NT or 2000 workstation Sw.
The goal is to boot the embedded system with PXE and (hopefully)
PXELinux, which would in turn load Linux (all residing on the
Workstation). Linux will only have access to the Windows file system
through TFTP and then only during initialization. After that, it must
run entirely from the RAM disk.

Does PXELinux support this type of application? That is, creating and
using only a RAM Disk, loading Linux into it and having Linux boot from

I've read the documentation and it's not yet clear to me how this would
be accomplished, could somebody please point me in the right direction
regarding how to accomplish this?


Any thoughts you may have will be appreciated.


Stan DeMarta


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