[syslinux] Booting initrd with PXELinux

rene at server.huq.nl rene at server.huq.nl
Fri Mar 29 05:22:09 PST 2002

Hello Peter,

It isn't stated on your site how to transfer initrd images using PXELINUX.
I found out how to do it, but I can imagen that some people won't.
Perhaps you could add an clear example like this to your
To load a linux kernel using an initrd root filesystem add an
configuration entry:

LABEL linux-install
  KERNEL vmlinuz
    APPEND root=/dev/ram0 initrd=rootfs.gz

PXELINUX will fetch both the kernel(vmlinuz) and the compressed root
filesystem using lftp. After this PXELINUX boots the kernel which
mounts the initial ramdisk as root.


Also, dhcpd doesn't know the option 'dhcp-class-identifier'.

Futhermore, using the statement:

append dhcp-parameter-request-list 208, 209, 210, 211;

makes the dhcpd to obmit the router option for the clients. I'm not sure
if this is (a bug) on the server or client side.

Anyway, we now have PXELINUX working at our company and it works great.
Thank you for your efforts!


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