[syslinux] Having problems boot PXELINUX from SUN tftp server

Steve Oliphant steveo at novadigm.com
Thu Apr 10 08:38:58 PDT 2003


pxelinux.cfg should be a directory that contains 
at a minimum a file cauld default that contains
what you currently have in the pxelinux.cfg file

The pxelinux docs explain the algorithm used to get
the boot parameters.


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Subject: [syslinux] Having problems boot PXELINUX from SUN tftp server


I wonder if anyone could offer assistance to the following problem I am
having when I try to boot my pxeclient from a SUN tftp server.

my tftpboot directory holds the following files;


pxelinux.cfg contains the following information;

default linux
prompt 1
display boot.msg
timeout 1
LABEL linux
      KERNEL vmlinuz
      APPEND initrd=initrd.msg
      IPAPPEND 1

Following successful DHCP sequence, the TFTP session fails with reason 1
"File not found".
I have read some of the previous e-mails on this subject and have made
appropraite changes where applicable to fall in line with previously
observed errors etc.. without much affect.

Any ideas.

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