[syslinux] ISOLinux + PXELinux

jmblack jmblack at hansonsystems.com
Tue Jan 14 16:59:25 PST 2003

Etherboot can be used within a floppy image to boot to the network.
Etherboot when configured and ready only works with the network card you
set it up to run with so it seems that if you want to be able to boot to
the network using different network cards you will need 1 floppy image
per network card model.


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> Is it possible to have a isolinux based boot CD, where one of the
> options is to boot off the network. This would mean,
> 1. The kernel that one boots into is on the network and not on the CD.
>     So easy to make changes.
> 2. One does not need a 'PXE enabled' network card.
> - Murali
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