[syslinux] Problems with eepro100 or BroadComNetXtreme and syslinux 2.04

Egan Ford egan at sense.net
Thu Jul 3 13:53:22 PDT 2003

I regularly pxe boot the e100 on the x330, the bcm5700 on the x335, and the
e1000 on the x345 with no problem at all.  I still use syslinux 1.66.
Verify that you are connected to eth0 (I believe that the x330 and x335 top
and bottom ports are switched) and that you have enabled net booting in the
BIOS.  There are 2 BIOS options, one to select which NIC to PXE boot and the
other in the boot sequence (select network boot).  I believe the newer
BIOSes PXE boot both NICs, so you just need to enable network boot in the
boot sequence.

Don't forget to enable serial BIOS redirection too if you want to watch

Depending on your OS you may have to update the e1000, e100, and bcm5700
support in the installer.  Let me know what OS you are using and I can try
to send them to you, or you can get them from xcat.org.

After "ready" I usually get: "Failed to free base memory" but Linux still
loads and installs.

Another possibility is that your are redirecting your install output out the
serial port or the wrong serial port.  The console screen will remain blank
but the kernel will display out the serial port.

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> Hallo,
> Michael Blandford wrote "I am regularly booting/building
> x330/x335/x345's,...".
> I am just trying to boot some IBM x335 servers with pxe-Linux.
> How could one convince the Intel-e1000-NICs to have a 
> pxeboot? The onboard
> Broadcom-Nics don't work, kernel and initrd are loaded, but 
> all I get then
> is "ready". Ready means really ready, next is the reset 
> button (God blue
> boys, in opposite to Dell they are still manufacturing 
> servers with this
> little helper)
> Sincerely
> John Birck
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