[syslinux] more on PXELinux confiuration file woes and "blkSize"

Kasper Fock kasper at easyspeedy.com
Fri Jul 4 04:10:36 PDT 2003

I just joined this list so sorry i don't just reply folowing mails.
I experienced the same problem where the boot just stop after reaching Ready. 
I am using my own tftp server written in Java which previously has succeeded 
a pxe boot. While searching for the "Ready" problem I found that the 
tftpserver returned the wrong blksize. Instead off returning the size off the 
data it returned the size off the packet (diff =4 octets) after solving this 
my boot went through.
don't now if this is the problem but worth considering?

/ Kasper 

Previusly messages 
Fredrik Nordgren fno at fno.mine.nu  the Tue Jun 17 14:53:56 PDT 2003 wrote

PXELINUX 2.05 2.05-pre1  Copyright (C) 1994-2003 H. Peter Anvin
Found PXENV+ structure
PXE API version is 0201
UNDI data segment at:   00098E90
UNDI data segment size: 4D30
UNDI code segment at:   0009DBC0
UNDI code segment size: 1E70
PXE entry point fount (we hope) at 9DBC:0106
My IP address seems to be 0A340091
TFTP prefix:
Trying to load: pxelinux.cfg/01-00-d0-59-05-83-ae
Loading memdisk...
Loading 2disk.img.........................
H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com 	the Tue Jun 17 11:29:46 PDT 2003 wrote

Fredrik Nordgren wrote:
> I have a similar issue. Using 2.05-pre1, default and hex based IP address
> configuration files works just fine. When using a MAC address as the
> configuration file name, pxelinux stops just "Ready."

How utterly weird.  I'll look into it...


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