[syslinux] Windows Remote Install

David Ehrmann exobyte at bigvalley.net
Thu Jul 10 01:51:35 PDT 2003

> David Ehrmann wrote:
> | I saw a section entitled "PXELINUX and the Windows Remote Install
> | Server", but there was nothing below it.
> | I'm trying to figure out how to do this.  Any advise would be
> What exactly do you want to do?

I ideally want a menu to give various ROM options, one of which being boot
to Linux and another being install windows.  From there (Windows) I would
like to launch the Windows XP installer.

> | Do you suggest PXE, Etherboot, or Netboot?  Could someone explain
> | the difference?
> | I still haven't figured out how all this fits together yet.
> I'd like you to do your Homework (eg. use google)...
> Using google I dug up this: http://syslinux.zytor.com/ris.php
> (for your lecture). Go on and try google yourself (It really works!) on
> the following terms (each '' demarks a single query): 'etherboot'
> 'netboot' 'acronym pxe' 'preboot execution environment'.
> have fun
> bye
> Christian

I've been doing that for a while, but I seem to be finding conflicting
information.  Some sources focus on the boot ROM aspect of etherboot
while others think etherboot is an alternative to PXE.  Correct me if I'm
wrong, but it seems like there is etherboot the program and etherboot the


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