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Christian Marg christian.marg at tu-clausthal.de
Thu Jul 10 11:31:46 PDT 2003

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David Ehrmann wrote:
|>What exactly do you want to do?
| I ideally want a menu to give various ROM options, one of which being boot
| to Linux and another being install windows.  From there (Windows) I would
| like to launch the Windows XP installer.

You can do that with pxelinux, which is among the topics of this list.
What environment (speak: Server) do you have software-wise?

|> [use google to find information]
| I've been doing that for a while, but I seem to be finding conflicting
| information.  Some sources focus on the boot ROM aspect of etherboot
| while others think etherboot is an alternative to PXE.  Correct me if I'm
| wrong, but it seems like there is etherboot the program and etherboot the
| protocol.

Well, Etherboot is a boot ROM which can load a tagged image file
(containing info and code for the bootrom) over the net, put it into
computers Memory and run it.
PXE on the other hand is a standardized (more or less, ask HPA for
stories :)) preboot execution environment, in which programs like
pxelinux can be loaded over net and run.

Of course etherboot is an alternative to pxe, but the majority of modern
NICs come with PXE-ROM built in. You'd take PXE for the cards that come
with a suitable version of PXE and build Etherboot Roms for the cards
that don't.
Both use DHCP and TFTP for initial configuration and file transfer, so
perhaps they're able to coexist...
There is a special PXE-service that can be used to build a Bootmenu
among other things, but I never used it and pxelinux works (and can do a
Bootmenu) without it. Also, this service only comes in binary form
precompiled for a Redhat-Linux afaik.


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