[syslinux] isolinux problem report

Michael_E_Brown at Dell.com Michael_E_Brown at Dell.com
Wed Jul 23 11:32:35 PDT 2003

Doh! I removed a bunch of directories when I did my 2.04 test to see if it
worked, and it worked. (It was starting to be trying to have to reburn a
600MB iso for testing.

I think the 2.04 test that I tried would probably fail if I put all of the
dirs back. I know I tried this several months ago with 2.04 and it failed. I
also remember reading your thread about the SRPMS issue, and this does look
related. I'll retry my 2.04 test with all the dirs and see if it fails.

I think I have a problem. I had to upgrade from 1.66 because we have a new
system that isn't working with 1.66. But it looks like 2.x won't work
either. Hmm. Looks like I'm in a bind.

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Michael_E_Brown at dell.com wrote:
> I have tried to use isolinux 2.05, and I am running into a problem where
> will not boot. I have previously used version 1.66, and the older version
> works just fine. Changing nothing except dropping the new version in does
> not work.
> Below is all of the relevant info, I believe. This occurs on multiple
> machines with different BIOS. I am currently in process of doing a binary
> search to find the last working version.
> Using isolinux-debug.bin, and I get the following output:
> ISOLINUX 2.05 2003-07-16  Copyright (C) 1994-2003 H. Peter Anvin
> isolinux: Starting up, DL = 82
> isolinux: Loaded spec packet OK, drive = 82
> isolinux: Loading main image from LBA = 0000A574
> isolinux: Sectors to load = 0004
> isolinux: Main image read, jumping to main code...
> isolinux: Root directory at LBA = 00000031

I am having similar problems (see "Isoliux 2.0+ won't boot from DVD" in 
the archives).  1.75 works for me where 2.0+ won't.  I sent some discs 
to HPA, and he is supposed to be looking at them, but I haven't heard 
anything yet.  I tried using mkisofs -sort isolinux/iso.sort to move the 
isolinux directory to the first part of the disc, but that didn't help.

I found that if I removed the SRPMS directory (on my Red Hat discs), or 
removed the RedHat/RPMS directory, it would work.  What does your 
directory structure look like?  Try removing directories to see if it boots.


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