[syslinux] ia64 boot cd

Josef Siemes jsiemes at web.de
Wed Jul 30 04:14:35 PDT 2003


<john.windscheffel at ntlworld.com> schrieb am 30.07.03 13:06:23:
> I am trying to create a boot cd for ia64 systems which will go into the efi shell, map to fs0 (cdrom) and give a help message on screen. I have tried creating a CD using isolinux but this boots as the Red Hat AW2.1 CD 1 and ignores the message file. After selecting the efi shell and mapping to fs0 then entering - elilo linux ks=nfs:<ip address>:<kickstart file> I get the message 'elilo' not found.

AFAIK syslinux doesn't support IA64, so I wonder why isolinux does anything on IA64.



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