[syslinux] ppmtolss16 fix

Frank Bergmann meurer at wasenmeister.de
Wed Jul 30 17:20:50 PDT 2003


I discovered problems with ppmtolss16 when creating ppm files with gimp or 
xv. When examinig the created files with "vim -b splash.ppm" I detected 
one or more comment lines after line "P6".
After stripping the comments out of splash.ppm I was able to convert the 
file with ppmtolss16.
It's possible to have multiple comment lines because multiple savings with 
different programs (gimp, xv etc) can cause multiple comment lines after 
line "P6".
I don't know perl (of course I prefer python ;-) ) but I patched 
ppmtolss16 to strip all comment lines.

Then I subscribed the list and discovered, that Stephane Rouberol did a 
equal patch which still DOESN'T seem to be INCLUDED in ppmtolss16.
(ppmtolss16 of syslinux 2.0.5 does also fail and doesn't seem to have this 

See also


On Mon, 5 May 2003, Stephane Rouberol cum veritate scripsit :
> ./ppmtolss16: Input format error 1
> The problem is that gimp adds the comment
> # CREATOR: The GIMP's PNM Filter Version 1.0
> at 2nd line.
> Suggested fix for ppmtolss16:
> 108a109,110
>  > # gobble any comment
>  > while ( $sizes =~ /^#/) { $sizes = <STDIN>;}

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